Hello and nice to meet you. I've been making buttons since 1979 when I purchased my first button machine. I started with small local arts and craft shows and later traveled all of the USA doing larger art shows and fairs. Portable Graffiti now has 4 button machines and makes buttons, mirrors and magnets in various sizes.

Many of the buttons in my shop are vintage commercial, licensed buttons, badges, pins.

You'll find newly created designs and I can create anything you need in any quantity.

I am a work-at-home mother and have 2 awesome daughters.
We are veteran homeschoolers. One daughter is now in college and the other enjoying a full time job. We are avid recyclers and care immensely about creating as small a carbon footprint on this earth as we can.

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Vintage Rock Pins, Nostalgia Buttons, Badges, Mirrors, Custom Made Buttons

Portable Graffiti ~ Making buttons since 1979~
Pins - Magnets - Mirrors - 4 Sizes

Contact me at: www.PortableGraffiti.com